As my oldest child got older, and obtained more and more access to the internet at school or friend/relative's homes, I was concerned about some of the sites he was exposed to. He enjoyed playing games, and I would let him mostly play the pre-school games at the reputable network sites. He would occasionally ask about me if he could play a game he heard about from a friend or TV. As many parents do, I would preview the game and then put a stamp of approval.

I became frustrated with some of the game sites. In their attempts to satisfy the needs of many, they would place any and all types of games on their sites. Along side calm and child acceptable games would be violent games that are generally approved for teenagers or mature players.

Around that time, was a site where I would advertise my services as a website designer. I would put samples of my work with Flash (see Madame Mariella or my picture sudoku games for example.) I decided to create an arcade for my son, and his younger siblings, who were just as internet game curious as he was (and of course still is.)

A few years later, here you have it…, a site with pre-approved games for my kid. Perhaps you have the same pre-qualifications that I have. I invite you to look at some of the games and see. I try to exclude games that have inappropriate violence, suggestive overtones, and disgusting scenarios or circumstances. I hope the website can help you in your attempts to monitor what your children play on the internet.

You can leave me a comment on my blog if you have any questions or comments.
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